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Sights and attractions near Odda

Trolltunga is an adventure to be savoured. Because it is an all-day hike, we strongly recommend a two-night stay nearby. You need an early morning start, and afterward you will surely want to celebrate the shared experience with your fellow travellers.

Likewise our region is not to be rushed. Amazing sights and natural attractions await you.

Already in the 19th  century, Odda was one of Norway’s prime tourist destinations. As steamships from afar sailed along the Hardangerfjord, passengers stood on deck marvelling at flowering fruit trees beneath snow-topped mountains and dazzling glaciers, mirrored in an emerald fjord. Horse-drawn carriages brought the travellers to stunning waterfalls and panoramic viewpoints.

Standing at Låtefossen falls, you will understand why they voyaged here. You too can take a cruise on the fjord, combined with cider-tasting and an orchard tour with a local apple grower. See the 750 year old stave church in Røldal, explore the pristine Folgefonna National Park, and go downhill skiing even in July! For a really exotic adventure, join an experienced guide for a glacier trek.

And near Trolltunga, be sure to visit the museum in Tyssedal that documents the birth of Norwegian hydropower and the story of our industrial pioneers.

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Activities near Odda:

Trolltunga Active

Experience one of the most spectacular rock formations in the world together with Trolltunga Active.The activity company and their specially trained guides offered a double number of exciting activities on and around Trolltunga with sustainability, high quality, wow factor and not least safety in focus.

Photo: Trolltunga Active

Trolltunga Adventures

Hiking in groups for authentic mountain experiences including staying overnight at Trolltunga and in Hardangervidda National Park. You may wake up to a spectacular view near Trolltunga, and having meals based on Norwegian traditions on the way.

Photo: Trolltunga Adventures

Tyssedal Via Ferrata

Trolltunga Active invites you to a spectacular experience in the Tyssedal mountains! You will have the opportunity to feel how the everyday life was for the navvy people who built the waterpower stations, when they secured mountain constructions, founded the concrete fundament, hand carved bricks and established the penstock.

Photo: Algirdas Zabitis

Folgefonni Glacier Team

Offers a range of activities in and near Folgefonna National Park. Guided glacier hike at Juklavass glacier, from 7 years old. 4-6 hours

Photo: Folgefonni Breførarlag, Jondal © Désiré Weststra

FONNA Glacier Ski Resort, summer ski

Fonna is a summer ski centre on the glacier Folgefonna. Alpine skiing for the whole family, freestyle park, cross country tracks and snow shoe
hikes options. Amazing views from the top of the ski lift over the Hardangerfjord, the glacier and the North Sea.

Photo:  Daniel Tengs

Fjordcruise with RIB – Trolltunga Active

Be adventurous and join Trolltunga Active on their RIB Boat Fjord Safari on the Hardangerfjord. Along the route, you`ll see different attractions, spots of wildlife, and their professional guides will tell fascinating natural- and cultural stories from the area.

Photo:  Trolltunga Active

HM Queen Sonja’s panoramic hiking trail

HM Queen Sonja of Norway is a passionate mountain hiker, and this is one of her favorite hikes in the Hardangerfjord region. The trail is in the high mountains between Kinsarvik and Lofthus and offers magnificent fjord views. The hike is long and demanding with a steep descent towards Lofthus.

Photo:  Celine Jessen / Algirdas Zabitis

Attractions around Odda:

Låtefoss Waterfall

Låtefossen is the main attraction in Oddadalen, also known as “the Valley of Waterfalls”. The Låtefossen twin waterfalls were a popular tourist attraction as early as during the 19th century. The 165 m drop waterfall is easily accessible by route 13. Water from the waterfall showers the road before it runs underneath the old stone bridge. It then runs into the Opo river meandering through Oddadalen, which has seven waterfalls over a distance of 10 km.

Photo:  Scott Sporleder / Fjord Norway

Norwegian Museum of Hydro Power and Industry

The beautiful power station at the fjord is a monument of the hydropower adventure that started in 1906. Today it is a museum with guided tours, films and exhibits. Museum shop and cafe.

Photo:  Dag Endre Opedal

Røldal Stave Church

The church was built between 1200 and 1250, and is famous for its healing crucifix still in the church. According to legend it sweats once a year on “Olsok” (July 6th after the Julian calendar), and the sweat has healing power.

Photo:  Willy Haraldsen

The Valley of Waterfalls

Oddadalen – a beautiful piece of untouched countryside along Route 13! In this unique valley the waterfalls are lined up like pearls on a string within a radius of only a few kilometres.

Photo:  Fotograf Øygarden


The Farm at Buer is Odda’s gateway to Folgefonna National Park. As an ideal starting point for trips to both Buarbreen and Reinanuten, Buer has been a popular destination as long as it has been tourists in Hardanger.

Photo:  A. Henrickson

The Folgefonna National Park

Folgefonna, the third largest glacier on mainland Norway, is the heart of the national park. Exotic and dramatic, this magnificent glacier has drawn tourists since 1833. Here are glacier tongues and icefalls, wild valleys, and raging rivers of rushing meltwater and scenic summer pastures.

Folgefonna actually consists of three glaciers: Nordfonna, Midtfonna and Sørfonna, as well as numerous tiny glaciers, altogether covering a total of 207 km2. Measurements show that the glacier is almost 400 metres at its thickest, and at its highest point annual precipitation is 5500 mm.

Photo:  A.G. Vestrheim

Accommodation around Odda:

Trolltunga Hotel

Trolltunga Hotel was completely renovated 2017. A modern and stylish extension was opened in 2016. All 42 rooms have great view.

Photo: Trolltunga Hotel

Hardanger Hotel

Hardanger Hotel is situated in the centre of Odda within walking distance from the bus station, shops and restaurants. The hotel has 50 rooms with fjord view, or a view towards the mighty mountains surrounding Odda. stops nearby the hotel.

Photo: Hardanger Hotel

Tyssedal Hotel

Intimate Hotel with a special history closely connected to the history of The Norwegian Museum of Hydro Power and Industry nearby. This historical hotel is home to a spectacular collection of original art.

Photo: Tyssedal Hotel

Odda Camping

Odda camping is situated between to national parks. Surrounded by beautiful nature, quiet water, high mountains with peaks covered in snow, impressive waterfalls and a glacier, all within a few kilometres from the camping ground!

Photo: Odda Camping

Trolltunga Guesthouse

The apartment hotel Trolltunga Guesthouse is situated 6 km from the starting point of the hike to Trolltunga. Trolltunga Guesthouse is also centrally located in the Hardangerfjord region. 13 apartments in total. 8 apartments with separate bedroom, living room with sofa bed, kitchen and en suite bathroom. 5 apartments are studio apartments with kitchen and en suite bathroom.

Photo: Sondre Gunleiksrud

Apothekergaarden Guesthouse

Apothekergaarden Guesthouse is located in Odda Centre, just behind Hardanger Hotel. The guesthouse offers accommodation in rooms/ apparements with good standard, with private bathroom and kitchen, and wireless internet access and TV. Situated in the middle of Odda town center, you can take advantage of both the center and the beautiful scenery surrounding it.

Photo: Apothekergaarden Guesthouse

Hordatun Hotel

Hordatun Hotel offers accommodation in hotel rooms and well equipped appartments. The hotel is situated between the town of Røldal and the Røldal ski center and has a great view over the lake – Røldalsvatnet.
The natural stop between eastern- and western Norway along route E134 over Haukeli!

Photo: Hordatun Hotel

Bakkegata – the Blue House

“Bakkegata – The Blue House” is a stunning 100-year-old Art Nouveau house located right in the centre of Odda. It was completely refurbished in 2018 and today we are proud of a building that combines the beauty of the old design with modern comfort, including an elevator and Wi-Fi.
You have the choice between five well equipped holiday apartments and in the months of June, July and August, also an even more affordable mixed dormitory.

Photo: Helga Tverdal

Hotel Ullensvang

Hotel Ullensvang is a first class hotel, owned by the same family in 5 generations throughout more than 160 years. Located in beautiful surroundings in Lofthus and in Norway’s largest fruit orchard, Hardanger. The blossoming period is one of the most stunning periods, lasting from approximately mid May until mid June. The hotel is situated directly by the fjord, with a view over the Hardangerfjord and Folgefonna glacier. Also a good starting point for tours to Trolltunga.

Photo: Hotel Ullensvang

First Hotel Kinsarvik

First Hotel Kinsarvik is centrally located in Kinsarvik with a view to the Hardangerfjord. The hotel has 70 rooms, of which 8 are de luxe rooms and one is a suite. There is a bar with terrace, resataurant and garden. A large play room for children is open in the summer.

Photo: First Hotel Kinsarvik

Utne Hotel

Utne Hotel is one Norway’s oldest hotel in continual operation, licensed since 1722. It was founded in 1722 by Sergeant Børsem, who was granted permission by King Christian VII to operate an inn as partial payment after the great Scandinavian War. His family took over operations in 1787, running the hotel up until the end of 1995. Torbjørg Utne (1812 – 1903), known as “Mother Utne”, gave the hotel the distinctive character it has today.

Photo: Utne Hotel

Hardanger House

Hardanger House in Jondal is a new hotel with the Hardangerfjord, Folgefonna glacier and majestic mountains as the nearest neighbor. The design hotel has nine rooms – all with furnished terraces and beautiful views of the fjord.

Hardanger House and Jondal are a good starting point for activities in the region throughout the year.

Photo: Hardanger House

Stana gard

Stana gard is situated by the Hardangerfjord at Stana, 3 km from Tyssedal and 9 km from the centre of Odda. There are 2 holiday houses, both with a panoramic view of the fjord, waterfalls and the Folgefonna glacier. Both houses are fully equipped and have nice patio areas with furniture and barbeque grills. The garden around the houses has fruit trees. Down by the fjord there is a quay and a boat available for guests. Stana gard is 9 km from Skjeggedal, the starting point for hiking to Trolltunga.

Photo: Stana gard


With fantastic views of water, waterfalls, mountains, fjord, and glaciers, you will find Vikinghaug Apartments in Odda. The guests live in large, spacious apartments with three to four bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, kitchen and living room. Bedclothes and towels are included in the price, and the parking is free.

Vikinghaug Apartments is a good starting point for exploring beautiful and exciting Hardanger. By car, it only takes four minutes to shopping centers in Odda City, 20 minutes to the start of the trip to Trolltunga, seven minutes to the starting point for a trip to Buerbreen, 30 minutes to Røldal Skisenter and 20 minutes to Seljestad cross country ski area. There are also many hiking opportunities with well-marked trails in and around Odda.

Photo: Vikinghaug