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Welcome to Trolltunga’s new website! Naturally, we celebrate the most spectacular rock formation in Norway – and we tell you how you and your friends can best experience this natural wonder.

The observant hiker will notice many things. We believe that added insight will enhance your experience, whether you will soon be hiking our mountains, or reading these words from the comfort of your chair at home in a distant part of the world.

Woman jumping

© Photo: Iryna Inshyna /

Perhaps you have questions. How did these mountains come to be? How was Trolltunga itself formed? Is it true that ice carved out the deep valley below, and the fjords beyond? What do I need to bring on a hike? Can I safely hike to Trolltunga in winter?

In the months ahead we’ll cast light on these topics and much more. We’ll tell you about the birds and wildlife that thrive in these mountains, and show you the plants that grow here. We’ll tell you the fascinating story of Sam Eyde and Norway’s industrial pioneers, and about the monks who planted the very first apple trees in Hardanger.

We promise you many fascinating stories that you won’t want to miss!

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© Photo: Iryna Inshyna /