Parking at Trolltunga

Park at one of our three trailheads

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By car to Trolltunga

Follow route RV13 to Tyssedal, 6 km from the centre of Odda. Turn right and follow the signs to Trolltunga. It will take about 30 minutes by car from Odda to Skjeggedal.

parking sign

Road Toll & Parking Fee for Trolltunga

There are three parking lots for Trolltunga hikers. A toll road from the lower parking lot, P1 Tyssedal, takes you up to P2 Skjeggedal, and farther up to P3 Mågelitopp.

At P1 Tyssedal, you pay your parking fee in the parking machine. At P2 Skjeggedal, you pay both the road toll and the parking fee in the parking machine. Display your receipt in your windshield.

Parking at P3 Mågelitopp is very limited and can only be pre-booked. Before driving up to P3, you must also pay the road toll (NOK 200) in the parking machine at P2 Skjeggedal.

On busy days, if P2 Skjeggedal is full, park in P1 Tyssedal and take the shuttle bus to P2 Skjeggedal. There is also a shuttle bus from P2 up to P3 Mågelitopp. Tickets are sold separately on the buses – cash or credit card.

Our road tolls are used to ensure that all hikers have a spectacular outdoor adventure at Trolltunga! We construct and maintain the Trolltunga Trail and its signs and information boards, as well as emergency shelters. We also offer Mountain Ranger services and help maintain the Skjeggedalsvegen road.

The parking fees are used for maintenance of the toilets and the parking lots, and for wages to the parking attendants.

vans and bus

Buses, camper vans & mini vans

The road from P1 Tyssedal to P2 Skjeggedal is too narrow for buses, camper vans and mini vans.
Max vehicle length: 5.2 m.
Larger vehicles must park at P1 Tyssedal. No overnight sleeping, camping, BBQs or open fires at this car park.

Shuttle buses run between Odda, P1 Tyssedal and P2 Skjeggedal and from P2 Skjeggedal to P3 Mågelitopp.
See schedules below.

P1-sign. Parking

P1 in Tyssedal

220 parking spaces

Parking fee:
Same day (until midnight) – NOK 300
Two days (until midnight) – NOK 500
Three days (until midnight) – NOK 700
Optional transportation to P2/P3 paid separately

Distance to Trolltunga: 38 km return hike
Ascent: 1040 m
Total ascent: 2000 m
Estimated hiking time: 15 hours

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P2-sign. Parking

P2 Skjeggedal – Main Trailhead

180 parking spaces

Road Toll & Parking Fee
(Road Toll is included in the price)
Same day (until midnight) – NOK 500
Two days (until midnight) – NOK 700
Three days (until midnight) – NOK 900
Optional transportation to P3 paid separately

Distance to Trolltunga: 27 km return hike
Ascent: 800 m
Total ascent: 1200 m
Estimated hiking time: 8–12 hours

The road from P1 Tyssedal to P2 Skjeggedal is too narrow for buses, camper vans and mini vans.
Max vehicle length: 5.2 m.

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P3-sign. Parking

P3 Mågelitopp

30 parking spaces
Private toll road/parking lot

Parking fee: NOK 600 per day.

Road toll: Everyone who drives from P1 Tyssedal to P2 Skjeggedal must pay a road toll. This also applies to vehicles that will be parking at P3 Mågelitopp.

The toll of NOK 200 must be paid in the parking machine at P2 Skjeggedal before you drive up to P3 Mågelitopp.

Distance to Trolltunga: 20 km return hike
Ascent: 320 m
Total ascent: 800 m
Estimated hiking time: 7–10 hours

Season: 3 June – 30 September, 2022
There is still snow at the parking lot P3 Mågelitopp (May 20, 2022), but the parking lot will open June 3. The shuttle bus company Odda Buss can drive to the start of the trail before June 3.

Not possible to drive up only to drop off passengers at P3 Mågelitopp
The road leading up to P3 Mågelitopp is narrow and it is only possible to drive up for the shuttle buses and the cars that have reserved parking at P3 Mågelitopp.
Unfortunately, it is not possible for others to drive up to P3 Mågelitopp to drop off passengers and then drive down again.

Weather conditions
Please note that opening hours are subject to weather conditions and the road may close if conditions so require.

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Pre-booking recommended


Man on tip of Trolltunga edge

© Photo: Destination Hardanger Fjord/Till Hanten