About Trolltunga AS

Our aim is to make sure every hiker has a spectacular outdoor adventure at Trolltunga. We are uncompromising when it comes to ensuring the safety of our visitors, and safeguarding our beautiful yet fragile mountain environment.

We construct hiking paths, are responsible for information boards designed to enrich your visitor experience, maintain toilets and emergency shelters, offer Mountain Ranger services, and maintain the 6-km Skjeggedalsvegen road. On our website we publish updated information about trail conditions and weather – with clear warnings about when to avoid the mountains, or to hike only with an expert guide.

We also manage the parking lots at the head of the trails, and help organise the shuttle bus services. The parking fees help us make the Trolltunga adventure safe for every hiker.

Trolltunga AS is a non-profit organisation established by the local municipalities.

Hiking boots on Trolltunga

Photo: © Shutterstock.com / Mykola Ivashchenko

to Trolltunga:

Graph showing visiting numbers from 2010 (800) to 2019 (81000)

– more popular than ever!

Trolltunga is the most impressive rock formation in Norway. Our numbers speak for themselves. In less than a decade, the annual number of visitors has increased from less than a thousand to more than 80,000 hikers per year.

The increasing popularity of Trolltunga presents us with many challenges. As a result, Trolltunga AS is taking important measures to protect the pristine high-mountain environment.