Photo: Trolltunga-Active


There are several guide companies around Odda and Skjeggedal, and guided hiking is recommended.

The guides’ experience, and local knowledge of conditions and weather, will keep you safe and motivated throughout your hike. Hiking in a group allows you to get to know your fellow hikers, learn more about the unique Trolltunga nature, and even sample some local food traditions!

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Photo: Algirdas Zabitis / Trolltunga-Active

Guided hiking:

Trolltunga Active

Experience one of the most spectacular rock formations in the world together with Trolltunga Active. The activity company and their specially trained guides offered a double number of exciting activities on and around Trolltunga with sustainability, high quality, wow factor and not least safety in focus.

Photo: Trolltunga Active

Trolltunga Adventures

Hiking in groups for authentic mountain experiences including staying overnight at Trolltunga and in Hardangervidda National Park. You may wake up to a spectacular view near Trolltunga, and having meals based on Norwegian traditions on the way.

Photo: Trolltunga Adventures

Tyssedal Via Ferrata

Trolltunga Active invites you to a spectacular experience in the Tyssedal mountains! You will have the opportunity to feel how the everyday life was for the navvy people who built the waterpower stations, when they secured mountain constructions, founded the concrete fundament, hand carved bricks and established the penstock.

Photo: Algirdas Zabitis