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Make sure your whole
Trolltunga hike is in daylight

When is sunrise and sunset at Trolltunga?

In the mountains around Trolltunga, the amount of full daylight varies drastically with the season – from almost 19 hours in the summer to less than six hours in the winter.

This graph allows you to see how much daylight there is on any given date of the year, the times of sunrise and sunset, and how much twilight there is before the sunrise and after sunset. The table below gives very precise and detailed data for every day of the month you select.

Hikers must plan carefully and take this into account. Allow yourself plenty of time for the hike up to Trolltunga, as well as for the hike back, and also for the photo queue, sufficient rests stops and unforeseen delays.

Always give yourself a good margin. The descent can be especially risky, because accidents are more likely to happen when you are tired – so make sure you can reach the parking lot while there is still plenty of light. To be on the safe side, and in case you are surprised by darkness, you should carry a headlamp that will illuminate the trail ahead of you.

Trolltunga Sunset

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