Photo: Scott Sporleder

Be patient with
the photo queue

Trolltunga has become a very popular destination. Last year, over 80,000 people took the long mountain hike to see Norway’s most impressive rock formation.

Other hikers are likely to be joining you on the mountain. Saturday is the most popular day, and so is the first nice day after a spell of bad weather.

Naturally, everyone wants a photograph to document the magic moment – just themselves standing on Trolltunga, the outcrop that juts out 700 m above the lake below. That takes time! On the busiest days, the photo queue can be as long as 60–90 minutes at peak hours, which is usually from noon until 2 pm or so.

Please be patient! While you wait, we suggest you eat your lunch and talk to other hikers. You may hear interesting stories, learn about the other great attractions in our region and throughout Norway, and even make new friends.

When it is your turn, be considerate! Please limit your photos to two poses. Someone nearby will gladly take your picture – just ask.

If you have a fear of heights and wish to avoid climbing down onto Trolltunga, or simply wish to avoid the photo queue, there is a simple solution: have someone take your photo with Trolltunga in the background. The perfect moment is when someone is just leaving the outcrop and Trolltunga is empty. (Some of the photos shown here were taken in this way.)

Stay safe! Always keep well away from the edge.

Trolltunga with snow

Have someone take your photo with Trolltunga in the background!
Photo: Trolltunga Active

10 people posing in front of Trolltunga with snow

Photo: Trolltunga Active