Trolltunga Adventures in Winter

1 October – 31 May

Photo: Trolltunga Active

Trolltunga looks especially majestic when it is covered by snow!

During the winter, the mountain is pristine and delightfully uncrowded. Granted, the challenging conditions and sudden weather changes call for good preparation and extreme caution. Professional experienced guides will make sure you have a safe and memorable adventure.

On the rocky trail, slick ice may be hidden just beneath the snow. Fortunately, your guide provides crampons or snowshoes. Days are much shorter in the winter; that’s why everyone has a headlamp. We take our time and stay on the trail. Snow and fog may make it difficult to see the trail-markers and cairns, even with the help of a GPS or map and compass. Just in case, we’ve brought emergency bivouac shelters. In the winter, the mountains really do demand experience.

You should hike only with a guide!

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Trolltunga Adventures

Photo: Falke Omdal

Winter activities:

Trolltunga «Go Viking» Autumn

This year, Trolltunga Active invites you to «go viking!» Explore and push your limits – just as the Norwegian Vikings did. Join us on a unique late autumn hiking adventure to Trolltunga.

Photo: Trolltunga Active

A Trolltunga Winter

Welcome to an extraordinary expedition! Our professional local guides allow you to experience Trolltunga covered in ice and snow. The winter weather is a challenge and can change suddenly. Our guides have the utmost respect for this mountain wilderness, and will always put your safety first. Avoid the summer crowds – strap on your snowshoes and join our winter adventure!

Photo: Trolltunga Active

A Trolltunga Winter Sunset/Sunrise

This winter, experience the Norwegian mountains up close. After hiking up to Trolltunga, we stay overnight in our Trolltunga Arctic Dome, which is formed like an igloo but with transparent walls and roof. It’s an unforgettable experience to witness the sunset and then the sunrise over this amazing snow-covered landscape.

Photo: Trolltunga Active

Trolltunga Winter Adventures

Get ready for an unforgettable winter adventure! Trolltunga is especially majestic when it is covered in snow and ice – it’s an experience not to be missed. Be prepared for the cold. Bring thick layers of warm clothing, strap on your snowshoes, and enjoy the unique beauty of our winter wonderland! The experienced professional guides from Trolltunga Active will ensure that you have a safe adventure that you will remember forever – an expedition far from the ordinary.

Photo: Trolltunga Active

Røldal Ski Center

The entire resort is situated above the treeline, offering you wide open areas for skiing and riding, as opposed to the narrow trails through woods. From one of northern Europes highest base areas, 800 m.a.s.l, six lifts transports you all the way to 1300 m.a.s.l.

Photo: Røldal Ski Center

Seljestad and Røldal Cross Country Skiing Resort

You will find a network of well prepared tracks. Korlevoll and Lontjørn are situated close to Route E 134 between Odda and Røldal. Both places offer good skiing conditions for families and for individuals who deam of endless skiing opportunities.

Korlevoll Skiing Arena and Lontjørn Skiing Arena are excellent for skiing and winter activities. Floodlit. FIS approved Open: winter.

Photo: Seljestad and Røldal Cross Country Skiing Resort

Snowshoe tour

You will experience a varied scenery with high snow capped mountains, crystal clear fjords and impressive frozen waterfalls. Our well qualified guides will take you on a memorable tour in a scenic winter landscape. The Queen Sonjas Trail, Oksen and Husedalen/the Valley of the Waterfalls are mostly visited in Summer. But the attractions are just as impressive during the Winter season. Come and explore our spectacular nature in the winter!

Photo: Trolltunga Active

Cross Country Skiing Courses

Join us to develop your fundamental skills within skiing, learn the most effective techniques. In addition we promise a lot of winter fun! Discover why cross country skiing is one of the most popular winter activities in Norway!

Photo: Trolltunga Active