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Activities near Trolltunga

In addition to Trolltunga, our area offers a wealth of rewarding activities and challenging adventures. The natural surroundings make it truly magical.

Enjoy kayaking on the often mirror-calm fjord. If you prefer a faster pace, sign up for a RIB fjord rafting tour. Consider a walk on HM Queen Sonja’s Panoramic Hiking Trail (Dronningstien) from Kinsarvik to Lofthus. Or how about cider tasting and an orchard tour with a local apple grower?

You can explore the pristine Folgefonna National Park, and go downhill skiing even in July! For a really exotic adventure, join an experienced guide for a glacier trek.

For the most enriching Trolltunga adventure, we recommend hiking with an experienced guide and spending a night at the camp that awaits you in the mountains. If you’re brave, sign up for the Trolltunga Via Ferrata tour – with a climb up the mountainside!

Please note that we strongly recommend at least a two-night stay in our area. That will give you time to savour Trolltunga and enjoy additional adventures.

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Activities near Odda:

Trolltunga Active

Experience one of the most spectacular rock formations in the world together with Trolltunga Active. The company offers several memorable activities on and around Trolltunga, focusing on wow-factor, quality, sustainability, and not least safety. The expert guides are motivators and storytellers that will bring you on a journey filled with picturesque viewpoints and sceneries, and amazing stories along the trail!

Photo: Trolltunga Active

Trolltunga Adventures

Hiking in groups for authentic mountain experiences including staying overnight at Trolltunga and in Hardangervidda National Park. You may wake up to a spectacular view near Trolltunga, and having meals based on Norwegian traditions on the way.

Photo: Trolltunga Adventures

Trolltunga Via Ferrata

Join Trolltunga Via Ferrata to really feel adrenaline while enjoying breathtaking natural settings! This off the beaten track starts with a 6-kilometer mountain bike ride, then climbing 250 meters up before walking the last 2 kilometers before reaching the incredible Trolltunga!

Photo: Algirdas Zabitis

Folgefonni Glacier Team

Offers a range of activities in and near Folgefonna National Park. Guided glacier hike at Juklavass glacier. Guided hike and ice climbing from Botnabreen glacier to Jordalsbreen glacier. Guided glacier hike between Fonnabu cabin and Holmaskjer cabin, historic tourist route crossing Folgefonna glacier – overnight tour. Kayaking on the fjord or on glacier lake.

Photo: Folgefonni Breførarlag, Jondal © Désiré Weststra

FONNA Glacier Ski Resort, summer ski

Fonna is a summer ski centre on the glacier Folgefonna. Alpine skiing for the whole family, freestyle park, cross country tracks and snow shoe
hikes options. Amazing views from the top of the ski lift over the Hardangerfjord, the glacier and the North Sea.

Photo:  Daniel Tengs

Fjordcruise with RIB – Trolltunga Active

Be adventurous and join Trolltunga Active on their RIB Boat Fjord Safari on the Hardangerfjord. Along the route, you`ll see different attractions, spots of wildlife, and their professional guides will tell fascinating natural- and cultural stories from the area.

Photo:  Trolltunga Active

HM Queen Sonja’s panoramic hiking trail

HM Queen Sonja of Norway is a passionate mountain hiker, and this is one of her favorite hikes in the Hardangerfjord region. The trail is in the high mountains between Kinsarvik and Lofthus and offers magnificent fjord views. The hike is long and demanding with a steep descent towards Lofthus.

Photo:  Celine Jessen / Algirdas Zabitis

Cider safari in Hardanger

This summer you have the opportunity to go on a unique fjord cruise on the Hardangerfjord with the hybrid boat Vision of the Fjords. Glide past majestic mountainsides, glaciers, charming fjord villages, and hundreds of thousands of fruit trees in Sørfjorden – Norway’s largest fruit orchard, where you can visit several of the cider producers and get an introduction to production, culture and taste.

You can choose to start the trip, which has three daily departures, from either Lofthus or Odda. You also have the choice of visiting one or several cider producers. You can also book dinner and overnight packages at either Hotel Ullensvang or Utne Hotel, or just book tickets for the fjord cruise.

Photo:  Sverre Hjørnevik

A Guided Fjord Kayak Tour

The Hardanger fjord is a romantic fjord covered in fruit trees. The mountains rise from the sea with the glacier resting on the top. In the middle of all of this is you, sitting in your kayak. Maybe you’ll even get a glimpse of the local porpoise or a sea eagle.

Photo:  Trolltunga Active

Tyssedal Via Ferrata

99% of Norways electricity is produced by waterpower. Experience how it all started by climbing the spectacular Via Ferrata trail next to the water pipes in Tyssedal. An adventure that will take your breath away with the amazing scenery. Witness the extreme altitudes and conditions where the pioneer workers manually built the waterpower constructions more than 100 years ago.

Photo:  Trolltunga Active

Trolltunga Ziplines

Zip below Trolltunga! This incredible zipline is one of a kind in its many features. Unique Trolltunga View from below. Surrounded by amazing nature we know you’ll get your heart beating with adrenaline and excitement. Behold the stunning view over Ringedal Lake as you zip over deep canyons with azure blue and green waterfalls.

Duration approx. 6 hours. Bike 7 km, 0,5 km hike uphill. Three zip-lines over a jaw dropping gorge. Total length of zipping: 600m.

Photo:  Trolltunga Active