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Are you prepared for Trolltunga and our mountain wilderness?

Photo: / Mykola Ivashchenko

We want you to enjoy Trolltunga and our mountains – but first and foremost, we want you to stay safe. In recent years, more than 80,000 hikers have visited our mountain wilderness. In 2022 the number was 82,500.

Unfortunately, every year, we need to rescue a few hikers. Some have had accidents, but others are insufficiently prepared. For instance, even on a sunny summer day you need to bring warm and waterproof clothing for unexpected bad weather.
By following a few simple rules, you can reduce your risk and help make sure we don’t need to come to your rescue.

What to bring

Here is a list of the equipment you need for hiking the Norwegian mountains.
Study it carefully.

You must be in good shape!

The hike to Trolltunga is long and demanding. If you have a heart condition or medical issues, you should not be taking this hike! If you are not used to all-day hikes – especially hikes that climb high into the mountains – we strongly suggest you choose other great attractions that are more accessible.

Never hurry – and don’t exhaust yourself!

Take plenty of time for your hike, especially on the uphill climbs. Take frequent breaks. Drink plenty of water, and eat some food or a snack to energise yourself. On a mountain hike, it’s a good idea to eat every two hours or so. (Accidents happen when you are tired and lack concentration.)

Don’t bring young children!

We strongly recommend that everyone on your hike should be at least 12 years old. And, like you, they must be in good shape and used to long hikes.

The mountain wilderness is no place for babies or toddlers! They are very vulnerable to bad weather and cold temperatures. Please remember that it is always colder and windier in the mountains than down by the fjord.

If, despite our warnings, you decide to bring a young child, you must be prepared to carry him or her for the entire hike, and have a high-quality child carrier backpack. We urge you to stop frequently to check that your child is warm and comfortable, that they have good blood circulation, and are not getting muscle cramps.

Protect yourself against the sun

Cover yourself and use a high-factor sun screen. When there is a nice cool breeze, you may fail to notice that you’re getting serious sunburn.

You can learn valuable lessons from the mistakes other hikers have made.

In case of emergency

There are two Rescue Cabins in the mountains. When needed, for example in case of storm, these will provide emergency shelter. (See map.)

If case of medical emergency, please call 112. Provide an accurate a description of your emergency as well as your location.

Time is of the essence. It is vital that your rescuers can find you quickly and easily. Make sure that you are easily visible to the rescue teams!

Please note: In Norway, wilderness rescues are free.

View of Trolltunga

© / Galyna Andrushko